Payments\Disrupted. Digitised. Urbanised. Globalised. How are you executing the changes necessary for your organisation to innovate?

The Global Payments market is experiencing levels of change and disruption never seen before in the Financial Services industry. In an increasingly complex Payments market, regulation and customer expectations for simplicity and speed, are driving innovation. Rapid urbanization and migration, growth in international trade, digitisation and advancing technology are unqualified forces at play.



\\ challenge

Do you have the creative edge to be different, the industry expertise to increase growth, and the speed and capacity to deliver ground breaking technology fast?


There are a number of rapid changes in the Global Payments market. Here’s a snapshot of the key disruptors at play; 


Futuristic-Architecture-with-Famous-Lloyd-Building-000077701297_Large\\ Emergence of Fintechs

There has been an explosion of new Fintech start ups seeking to disintermediate banks and innovate within the Payments Value Chain. Will you challenge or be challenged?

\\ Mobile

Mobile payment solutions (including mobile app, tokenisation, NFC, wallet and wearable solutions) will drive migration of flows away from traditional card and payment products. What is your strategy? Are you establishing partnerships to launch new propositions?

\\ Card based / Account based Alternative Payments

With regulatory scrutiny and changing consumer behaviours, cards, bank accounts and mobile payments are converging. Innovation is key in the ever fast changing world of card payments. Have you changed your business model yet?


Dubai-Financial-Buildings-Skyscraper-Downtown-000020736718_Large\\ SEPA Wave 2

SEPA wave 1 compliance deadline for Credit Transfer and Direct Debit was February 2016. SEPA Wave 2 Instant payments are on the way, for launch in 2017. Do you meet the criteria for the additional accords and are you thinking about how to exploit these opportunities?

\\ PSD2 and Open API

PSD2 (Access to Accounts) and UK Government standards for Open Application programming Interfaces are now in place. You need to be ready by January 2018 and capitalize on the opportunity to innovate and develop new open API capabilities. Do you have a strategic plan in place to move beyond compliance?

\\ Blockchain

Global Regulators and Interbank working groups have been formed to look at the impact of Distributed Ledger technology and understand the long term potential to fundamentally change cross border payments securely. How is your organisation engaged in these debates?


Michael Vallance is Head of Transaction Banking and Cash Management with Santander Corporate and Commercial Banking in the UK. 

I LEAD and deliver new profit growth by:

\\ challenging processes
\\ solving complex problems
\\ creating unique ideas
\\ leading people smoothly through change
\\ executing actionable strategies with speed
\\ steering through regulatory requirements to deliver compliance 
\\ identifying and quantifying the business case for change 

\\ Industry Expertise

I have comprehensive industry knowledge from three decades of experience of transformational and regulatory change and thought leadership in the Global Financial Services industry.

  • \\ Creative Edge

You will discover different ideas and unique strategies to leverage your strengths and challenge the status quo and help you move ahead of your competition.

  • \\ execution at pace

Expertise, creativity and energy is harnessed to drive transformation and enable rapid change execution.




If you would prefer to contact me by phone, call 07545 602029

Michael Vallance
Head of Transaction Banking and Cash Management, Santander Corporate and Commercial Banking
T: +44 7545 602029